What is WConnecta?

WConnecta is a pioneering business initiative in the sector that, after 7 editions, has become a meeting of high-impact between road haulage professionals at a European level and which aims to help companies in the sector to find trusted partners and new business opportunities.

A great opportunity to meet each other and establish potential collaborations with European companies with the guarantee that the QAP (Quality Assurance Policy) system gives to the members of Wtransnet. WConnecta success lies precisely in the opportunity to meet firsthand the maximum number of contacts to build the foundations for future collaborations: work that will take a sales department months, resolved in a single workday.

Find companies that are looking for what you offer them


Keep on meeting more professionals


Apply for private interviews with companies offering freights


Is WConnecta for me?

If you are a transport and logistics professional, certainly, since WConnecta is a meeting aimed to all professionals in the transport of goods by road, whether offering freights or providing transport services. They all intend to do business in Europe and have the power to take any decision.

In this event manager of a logistics group will take part, such as the manager of a transport operator, forwarding agents, fleet operators and self-employed carriers. Professionals who want to expand their circle of trusted partners to develop their business with companies that share the same values regarding reliability and professionalism.

Who is behind WConnecta?

WConnecta is an initiative of the Wtransnet Foundation, a nonprofit organization that was created by Wtransnet to promote greater competition between transport and logistics companies. Among its objectives is to encourage and promote sectoral collaboration and contacts between professionals within a framework of cooperation and trust.

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