That’s how it was: WConnecta Madrid 2018

WConnecta brings together 800 transport professionals at the largest networking event in Europe

More than 300 companies gathered last Friday, October 26 in Madrid, which has become the reference event for the freight transport sector in Europe.

With a total of 6,416 interviews carried out, WConnecta has once again managed to put the best European transport companies at its speed networking desks with the aim of finding trusted collaborators, creating synergies and detecting new business opportunities.

That’s how it was: WConnecta Frankfurt 2017

WConnecta confirms the success of its format in Germany thanks to 2550 quick interviews and 625 private meetings in the Cargo Area.

The eighth edition of WConnecta, the most important transport networking event in Europe, took place in Frankfurt on Friday, 6 October. 150 companies assisted at the event for a total of 19 European countries represented and 300 accredited professionals. They had the opportunity to establish new contacts in what has been the first international edition of the event.


“It was our first WConnecta and the participants’ willing to find and offer new opportunities for collaboration has been more than remarkable. The event shows that you can do new things and carry out innovative ideas through personal contact. WConnecta offers many opportunities to its participants: the combination of the concept of rapid interviews with those of deeper ones in the Cargo Area has been “a great success for us”.

Ina Lünstroth(Hellmann Worldwide Logistics )

“We have been a Wtransnet member for just three months and we were really expecting this event. Establishing contacts with new commercial partners has been one of the main reasons to participate in Frankfurt. Our company has come with three people to take the most out of the networking. The sessions has exceed our expectations by far. I’m very curious about the evolution of the contacts”.

Thomas Henry (Hillebrand Germany GmbH)

That’s how it was: WConnecta Barcelona 2016

1.000 qualified professionals, 1.600 meetings arranged in Cargo Area and 2.400 fast interviews in Speed Networking

Last November, 11th the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya hosted the seventh meeting of transport professionals organized by the Wtransnet Foundation. A record of 1.000 qualified professionals have participated, 32% more than the previous edition, coming from 23 different countries. WConnecta confirms its international development, managing for the first time an equal participation of international and Spanish professionals.

In this edition, Italy has participated as a guest country. This means that, along side with the afternoon activities, a Special Networking Italy was held out for those companies interested in finding partners or with a particular business focus in Italy, holding interviews with the thirty participating Italian companies.


“WConnecta is very important. For me that I am talking all day long with a lot of people, it’s a chance to put a face to everybody and know them in person: this is a confidence effect for all companies.”

Ana Roig Trans-Avellà

“I am really surprised, because I have already taken part to some networking at company or managers’ association level but of course nothing to do with fitting, dynamism and great organization seen here. This is my first networking at WConnecta and I think am going to take advantage of it.”

Montserrat Alcon Alcyber Logistic

“It’s very interesting because you know a lot of people. I liked very much knowing haulers I am working with since several years that I didn’t know in person. This is really favourable.”

Marisa Saviano Estellez Italia SRL

That’s how it was: WConnecta Madrid 2015

700 professionals, 8.463 quick interviews, 1270 pre-arranged meetings

The sixth edition of the WConnecta 2015 has beaten its record of participation, well above forecasts by the organization, with a 40% increase in attendance compared to the previous edition.

In total, 8.463 interviews have been carried out in the Speed Networking, an increase of 49% compared to the previous year while the Networking Cargo Area had the participation of 45 transport companies and logistics companies offering freights holding in total 1.270 arranged meetings with some of the 297 participating companies.

After Spain, which remains the country with the highest representation, Portugal has occupied the second place with 30,6% of participation compared to other European countries (excluding Spain), followed by Poland (20,45%) and Italy (14,77%). Overall, 33% of participating companies came from outside Spain, making this edition one of the most international in its history.


“The format of WConnecta is innovative and truly allows to connect many companies, in record time! It would take much longer to do over the telephone or in person. By attending this event we all know that we are here to get to know each other and the more contacts we make, the more possibilities of helping each other in our day-to-day work”.

Celia Valdivia(P&O Ferrymasters)

“From my point of view, this has definitely been the best organised edition. They have clearly limited the two working areas: the Speed Networking and the Cargo Area. It seems we have achieved our objective, and we now have to close deals for future collaborations.”

Ana Isabel Teresa (GEFCO)

“WConnecta has allowed us to get to know companies which are interested in our experience in the scope of distribution within the European territory and with specific offers for this region. Once again the event has been a great success and it has allowed us to achieve our objective, which for this year was to get to know reliable companies with which we can work in Poland.”

Laura Leocata(Marcotran)

That’s how it was: WConnecta Barcelona 2014

506 accredited professionals, 5.649 quick interviews, 980 arranged meetings

WConnecta Barcelona 2014 has just finished as the most international and participatory edition.

Last Friday 14th November, the Wtransnet Foundation faced the challenge of hosting the most participatory and international edition. With the experience gained in the previous 4 editions, this year has resulted a great success of participation breaking records of registered companies and also for having been the most international edition as 43% of the companies came from outside of Spain.


“This is a very high level interviewing in a short time. Speed dating is the only way to get this number of contacts in such a small margin of time.”

Mark Hermans (De Jong Expediteurs)

“We take advantage of this event to meet in person to people we are already working with, to meet new people and to talk about the quality of the platform. And, of course, to find new potential partners.”


That’s how it was: WConnecta Madrid 2013

377 professionals, 540 private interviews and 3.040 interviews in the speed networking sessions

WConnecta, the International Meeting of Transport and Logistics Professionals, closed the IV edition with a big success of participation, becoming one of the most important events of the transport industry.

With nearly 400 attendees and 3.040 interprofessional interviews, the IV International Meeting of Transport Professionals, sponsored by the Wtransnet Foundation, was again a success.


“It was a great opportunity to meet new potential partners and the results were very fast.”


“It’s the 4th WConnecta we participate and each year we do more business. We will attend every year.”


That’s how it was: WConnecta Barcelona 2012

300 transport professionals 13 different European countries 5.930 interviews

The third edition of WConnecta, held in Barcelona last month of October, brought together 300 transport professionals from 13 different European countries: 40% more attendees than in the previous edition. What was most valued in the event, by 99% of the attendees, was the fact of having made interesting contacts for future collaborations in a single morning.


“99% of the speed networking have been very interesting. Now we have to work to take the most of them.”


“The event allowed me to meet many people in a short time, without going into detail but I could get enough information to know their routes and if there was any possibility of collaboration.”


That’s how it was: WConnecta Madrid 2011

214 transport professionals 10 different European countries 2.976 interviews

214 professionals were met in Madrid in the second International Meeting of Transport and Logistics Professionals organised by Wtransnet Foundation. The empathy and active participation prevailed in over 2.900 interviews that took place during the day. The general impression among the attendees after the meeting was to have done a good job.


“It is a meeting that allows to close the circle and increase loyalty, an objective shared by all in the world of subcontracting.”


That’s how it was: WConnecta Madrid 2010

More than 1000 interviews during the first edition

These were some of the comments that could be heard at the end of the First Edition of WConnecta held in Madrid on October 2010. An initiative that took place for the first time in the industry and joined 60 companies of different specialties, all associated to Wtransnet with the aim to establish a first contact through more than 1000 interviews. Expectations of these attendees to this first meeting were far exceeded as they all expanded their list of contacts with new trustful partners.


“A great source of contacts without having to move to see my potential customers”.

“A different way of doing business”.

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